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About Us

We’re an Australian family owned and run company dedicated to delivering the very best Wireless Trailer Light innovation globally.

At Linka Blinka we are very proud of our solution to an age-old issue of faulty trailer lights.

We became frustrated with the constant failure of wired trailer lights on our box trailers, boat trailers, camper trailers and trades trailers over the years.

One day we decided that there must be a better way, so we engaged the very best in Australian Electronics and Mechanical Design Engineers to develop this Australian first solution.

Our family has come from a rural background and has experienced the frustration of failing trailer lights over many years and we have each become quite handy at finding the faults each time. We would grab our test light and begin working our way from the trailer plug back to the lights and hope that we didn't have a broken wire half way along the electrical system.

We found that sometimes in the old days it was a damaged bulb, poor connection on the points, rust and bad contact or perhaps just water effecting the signal direction.

On the other hand it may have been anyone of the following:

  • The dog that chewed the wires.
  • Stone damage of wiring underneath.
  • Tyre rub on the wire harness.
  • Someone drove off and didn't disconnect the plug. Result was wires plucked from the connector.
  • They worked fine last time but just don't work now and nobody knows why.
  • Dropped the trailer A frame down on the harness near the plug and pinched off a few or all wires.


We now have a world class product that is designed and developed in Australia, comprised of the highest quality components in the world and is rugged and reliable.


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